Brigham Keys, Esq.

Free Software advocate, embedded software developer

The Nintendo 64 I enjoyed as a child initially drew me towards technology; it inspired me to mimic the artwork and try to make something of my own. This desire drives me to this day to become a better and better engineer, to add to my skill set to newer and newer heights.

Free software has largely defined how this path has turned out for me. I have used Fedora for about a decade and love the Red Hat environment.

I generally prefer copyleft licenses but have a pragmatic view of software licensing. My development environment of choice is Eclipse, like many software developers I used Microsoft's visual studio code, but I got fed up with their lack of support for ppc64le systems and trying to slip in telemetry and nonfree software despite marketing it as open source. Eclipse is a wonderful development environment that you can use for any real programming langauage and even a few not so serious ones.

Video game development is a hobby of mine, I have been burnt out for many years after previous projects, which I will refrain from talking about on this website, but you can see these on my personal code forge if you are really interested. Although I will not be satisfied until I make something as beautiful as the games that were on the Nintendo 64 and I will achieve this one day.

Alternative CPU architectures are of particular interest to me. In 2018 I ordered a macchiatobin a8040 board and used it as my desktop. My devices are primarily aarch64 and ppc64le systems, I have ported several packages over to work on alternative architectures. Eclipse provides prebuilt binaries for aarch64 and ppc64le which is wonderful.

I am known as a C++ expert amongst my peers, and a wizard with the Dear Imgui library as well as several others. Graphical desktop applications are very enjoyable to make, and the menus of many old video games are very beautiful works of art. Perhaps most of all is the file select for Super Mario 64.