vscode now supports aarch64

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A day that has been long coming

Ever since I got my aarch64 desktop working this last March, I have had to deal with several of my applications not working. A couple of these being

  • Godot
  • mupen64plus
  • vscode

As of the time of these writing, I have all 3 of these working on my system. I had to port a dependency called thekla_atlas to aarch64 so that Godot would support it. mupen64plus didn’t have the CPU settings in their Makefiles, and vscode wasn’t using Electron 2.x so there wasn’t any support for arm 64 bit. But as of yesterday that changed, I now have a working vscode installation on my aarch64 workstation!


Which is great, vscode was really the last desktop application that I was missing on aarch64. The reason vscode didn’t support aarch64 was because they used an old Electron version, which didn’t have builds for aarch64. So now that they upgraded their electon version after about 8 months of me waiting, I finally get to use my favorite development environment on my Macchiatobin, I even get to write my blog posts in vscode again. The only thing truly lacking with vscode is that the rpm build doesn’t work, it’s an issue regarding calling ARM 64-bit arm64 or aarch64. Because it builds a perfectly good aarch64 package, but dnf thinks that it’s an incompatible architecture, so it won’t install the package.

What this means to me #

It means that everything I need application-wise on aarch64 is now there. I’m not missing any desktop applications, and everything is working in a usable state with no real inconvenience. It’s been a long path here but I finally made it. And because the developerbox also runs aarch64, when I finally get around to ordering it, then everything will work out of the box. Everything on aarch64 is how I like it, and I’m not running any proprietary software. This is a good day in technology for me, now the final fight would be achieving all of this on OpenBSD, which I’ll probably start that migration next year.

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