Goodbye Steam, my future ARM gaming setup

January 15, 2018 - 4 minutes

Why this is a big deal to me

I have been a user (more like used) of Steam for almost 5 years now. I have had some of the best gaming experience of my life on that platform. And recently I have decided to make a commitment to myself to remove Steam from my life entirely, preferably by this March. I will write about my plans to do this, and what I intend to satisfy my gaming wants.

My experience with PC gaming summarized

Once upon a time, I went to the market and bought a video game. If it were fun I would tell my friends about it and we would play the game together. Things were fun, and the experience was simple. It was beautiful.

Then suddenly they started coming out with DLC, this was probably around for a long time but it was never visual at all to me. At first I would buy the ones that looked interesting to me, I didn’t like it but I dealt with it.

My first gaming experience that was ruined by extraneous monetization via DLC was the game Payday 2. Any Payday 2 players reading this knows exactly what I am talking about.

49 DLCs

This list goes on for 49 separate DLC’s, most of which you had to pay over 5$ for. At one point buying the complete game was over 100$ despite the base game costing about 15$, there is more weapons and accessories outside of the core game than inside even if you ignored the dollar signs attached. Eventually the game changed to where the GUI was formed around the fact that there was so much DLC and locked weapons. It ruined this game for me and I can honestly say Payday 2 was the funnest multiplayer shooter that I have ever played. It was a really awesome idea and it was executed flawlessly, even adding native support for Linux eventually.

Eventually I got sick and tired of this happening again and again, I couldn’t find any games in the market that I wanted and that I was able to ensure that I would have the whole game forever, to prevent a Payday 2 situation. Very few games fit that criteria and now I haven’t found any that do in over a year. At first I thought that I would never be able to really part ways with Steam, but recently I started the switch to ARM based computers, and when my computer fleet makes this transformation I will turn off my gaming laptop and make my final goodbyes to Steam.

And to those cucks who say “Don’t like it don’t buy it”, or tell me that “No one is making you buy it”. Yes that is true, but it’s not fun playing a game of chess against someone who has nothing but queen pieces while I only have a standard set. Refusing to buy these games has obviously not solved the problem either. It’s essentially holding my favorite games hostage and I am not putting up with it anymore.

My remedy and moving on

I am done putting up with this. My friends must feel in a similar way cause they don’t really get online as often to play games either. I can’t play games like this, it has more or less ruined the hobby for me. I am going to only have some very old games like Civilization II or any freely licensed video games running on these ARM based machines. I will use the Cubox as a home server and as an emulation station and will get a TV in my living room. I will use it to emulate things like the Nintendo 64, and consoles that were around before this DLC crap. I hope that will satisfy my need for video games, since Steam has proven incapable of doing that. In a way I feel happy that I will be able to part with the last piece of user facing proprietary software in my life.