Announcing DMUX

September 17, 2017 - 3 minutes

I am announcing that I will be working on the original C++ codebase of DMUX until it’s release.

What has been done since the last post?

A lot, I remade the garage and did a lot of internal changes to the code to make the code base much more scalable and adding new features will be easy, and I preserved all the old functionality except for the online play, but I will talk about that later. So far I have. The major one being the garage but I have

The garage

The garage got a redesign, it looks 100% better than it did before, I re used the code for creating a physics world to make one for the Garage. This made testing the deletion of vehicles much easier as well since the car is deleted with each edit made to it. There are still optimizations to be made to the garage as swapping out parts is not very optimized, meshes could be pre-loaded and not deleted but re used.


My plan

Irrlicht is very old and not really maintained anymore, I am looking to port DMUX over to IrrlichtBAW but have not decided 100% on this. IrrlichtBAW is a fork of Irrlicht by a european company called Build A World, who optimized Irrlicht greatly and updated it’s OpenGL capabilities. If I decide against IrrlichtBAW then I will use Irrlicht until the release (and likely for the duration of this project). I would like to replace Irrlicht with IrrlichtBAW, but if Irrlicht stays forever it will not bother me a lot. So my plan right now is

And you can always see more details of everything on my wekan board. I don’t know how quickly I will get things done but the last few weeks I have managed to move forward a lot. I am glad to make this announcement and will be posting as I make any major progress.