Plans for DMUX


Why the need for these plans?

Other than my recent focus on feature parity my development has been really unstructured. I want to treat DMUX more like a professional project rather than just my hobby. The major reason for this mentality shift is I would really like to have the project done, after two years of working on it. I want to see a light at the end of the tunnel and I want to have others play the game I made, as such the game needs to be in a playable state as soon as possible. I will try my best to uphold these deadlines.

Planned milestones

  • June
    • Game is networked
    • People can join and drive around with each other online
    • Basic chat functionality
    • Stats of cars are applied physically
    • Feature parity is accomplished
  • July
    • The account system should be implemented, accounts do not need to be made automatically
    • Weapons are added to cars, other players can view what the weapon is aimed at
    • Radio is fully functional
  • August
    • Introduction of basic online combat, weapons can be fired
    • Weapon stats are applied
    • Cars are capable of destroying each other
    • Players have health
  • September
    • The introduction of game modes, capture the flag, death match, and team death match should be implemented
    • Game lobbies are implemented
    • Port all assets to use physically based rendering
  • October
    • Write some plans for DMUX universe, which should be developed in 2018
    • Someone should be able to make an account via a website
    • Online payment methods should be implemented and tested
  • November
    • Publish the needed infrastructure needed for people to play the game
    • Announce the first alpha testing of the game
    • Try to get people to test the game
    • Package the game for .rpm and try to get as many packages as possible
    • Begin process of entering the GNU/Linux repositories
  • December
    • Relax
    • Pat myself on the back
    • Bug fixes, and clean up things I see fit at this time
    • Review community feedback (if any)

What will be done at each milestone

  • A blog post will be written with an elaborated description of what I did. If there is a free software that does voice to text I might just use that while I narrate the video.
  • Make a video that shows the newly made features. These videos will be on this blog as well as on my mediagoblin profile.

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