A New Hobby


What is it?

Earlier this week, in my boredom I decided to visit the public library here in Minneapolis. I found that it was actually a really nice place to be, very quiet and a lot of good books that are not always publicly available online. I made a git repo of my recordings here . But whenever I complete an audio book I will also mention it on this blog. When I am starting to read a new book I will also mention it on the previous blog posts relating to my audio book collection I am building; I will also write about why I wanted to read that book in the first place, and what I got out of it.

My reading list

Here are the books I currently have in my queue to read:

  • The War of National Liberation, by Joseph Stalin
  • A Critique of Soviet Economy, by Mao Zedong
  • Marxism and the National Question, by Joseph Stalin
  • And He Built a Crooked House, by Robert Heinlein
  • How I Became Stupid, by Martin Page

About the collection

The books I am reading are not going to be modern, that way I can legally release the books. I want to release the audiobook collection under a Free Culture license, so the books I will be reading will be mostly unemcumbered.

Most of these are going to be political/philisophical, but I will have a mix of different subjects in this collection.

Want me to read a book?

You can send me the title and a short reason why I should read the book, just send it to bkeys at bkeys dot org and I would be glad to read your request.

Plans for DMUX

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