My new blog


Right now I had some blog posts in my goblinrefuge profile. But the layout of that blog looks horrid and it is difficult for people to find and navigate. I have decided to move my blog over to using the Jekyll framework, there are some reasons for this. I will be migrating my current blog posts in the coming days.

  • For one I get to learn how to write markdown more, and Jekyll is based on markdown.
  • The blog will be lower maintenance than a full on CMS
  • There is really good support for code snippets that I can put on my blog (that are all CC0 by the way)
  • I use vscode as my development editor, and it features a markdown renderer so I can see what my blog posts are going to look like before I publish them. vscode also has a nice git integration so I can set up a git repo and push from vscode to update my blog; all from my favorite editor. This also allows me to work on my blog and projects at the same time/using the same tool.
  • Jekyll is free software, and who doesn’t love freedom?
  • I am using the –watch parameter which means the blog gets updated as soon as I push from vscode

I have long term investements into the current VPS hosting this blog; so my blog is not going to move from here anytime soon.

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