Preserving your liberty at Disneyworld

November 26, 2017 - 4 minutes


If you don’t like having your person searched then I suggest that you simply do not go to this theme park, find better uses for your resources. They have multiple attractions with the word “liberty” in them, which I found ironic given all the ways the park attacks your liberty

Purchasing the tickets

I stayed at an Embassy hotel where I could buy my tickets, I would recommend you buy your tickets somewhere that accepts cash, I would think the park accepts cash but I cannot say for sure.

Disney will try to bait you with their non free application for a mobile device, and will try to bribe you with some fast passes if you install it. My father installed it and he still didn’t get any fast passes for it. As I suspected they are trying to bribe you out of your liberty, refuse to install this application, it is in no way required for you to be in the park or for any of the attractions. The application also shows you wait times for each ride, which I admit is convenience, but mere convenience is worthless when you are choosing between liberty and convenience. Ben Franklin said it best when he said something like

“He who gives up his freedom for security deserves neither and will lose both”.

The entrance

This is probably the worst place of the whole theme park in terms of your liberty. They will search your person upon entry, you are required to surrender your belongings for search and step through a metal detector, if I had to guess this is so they can strip you of your 2nd amendment rights. After that they will take you on a ferry to the entrance of the actual park there they have machines that will photograph your fingertip and scan your ticket. I urge you, refuse this mistreatment. Once I refused to be violated by their finger scanner they pulled me to the side where I was required to show them my photo ID to confirm what my name was. They proceeded to type my name into their computer, but I am comfortable with people knowing what my name is. However I would advise you to be watchful of what they put in the computer, I saw them type in only my name and nothing else, do not allow them to make a copy of your ID or take anything other than your name. This alternative to the finger scanner is there, refuse to use their finger scanner and demand to use this option. They told me I was going to be required to show my ID at all the rides, however no one asked me for my ID past that point, I take this as them trying to deter me from using this option.

Inside the park

The following rides have cameras inside the ride which will record your presence on the ride. Given these rides were put in pre-PATRIOT act I think you might be safe to be exposed to these cameras, and that they are only for fun. However, otherwise be prepared to cover your face on the following rides:

I may have missed a few, I didn’t attend all attractions.

Given if they don’t have a copy of your ID (they shouldn’t ask) then exposing your face in the park is a very minimal risk, even if they video tape you on the ride because they have no record of what your face looks like.


Don’t go to this park, my family guilted me into going and honestly it was an okay place to go, nowhere near worth the money I lost getting in (or the liberties lost).

Given it’s all private property, you basically have no constitutional rights anyway.