Why DMUX is leaving Freenode

June 20, 2017 - 4 minutes


Why am I considering this at all you might ask? Well, recently I got banned from #gnu for making 1 joke that the admin considered “transphobic”. Regardless of your opinion on the joke, someone should not be banned for making 1 joke. After I got banned a staff member from Freenode came on #dmux saying the channel had been reported for flooding. My guess is the channel operators on #gnu falsely reported me for flooding.

Given, the intentions of the Freenode staffer were not ill, it makes me uncomfortable that someone can audit/remove my channel for behavior, even if I did not do anything. These conditions have likely been on Freenode the entire time #dmux has existed, but only now have they been brought to my attention sufficiently that I feel like action is necessary.

My full reasons for leaving

The announcement that DMUX should leave Freenode is supported by everyone in the chat so far. But where we go after we leave is undecided, to aid in the discussion this blog post was written and here are my listed reasons I want to leave:

Things I want in the new solution

Recently me and my friends tried to move from mumble to a new platform called Wire, at first Wire was great and then the central server started to not work. We ended up going back to mumble. I worry with switching IRC networks that something like this can happen, not so much functionally but with the culture of the network. I would prefer to self host a mattermost instance, some community members want to switch IRC networks. My non cultural reasons for wanting mattermost is:

There are other reasons but these are the major ones that come to mind immediately. The move to a new communication platform for the community is an important one, we should not fallback to freenode or move again. It is very important that we choose correctly and that we stick with that choice. To me, self hosting would give us the best longevity and once the server is operational we will be totally free for a very long time.