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Brigham Keys, Esq.

Revisiting DMUX

Project on life support # For a while I wanted to try out new tools such as Godot and Panda3D, for a while I tried to make a version of DMUX using these tools but for different reasons I failed each time.

Brigham Keys, Esq.

Nibbles, revived

An old time waster # In 2015 I wrote a game in SDL2 and OpenGL, I was in the middle of making a 3D snake game and I finished it when I was living with a family member.

Brigham Keys, Esq.

Plans for DMUX

Why the need for these plans? # Other than my recent focus on feature parity my development has been really unstructured.

Brigham Keys, Esq.

A New Hobby

What is it? # Earlier this week, in my boredom I decided to visit the public library here in Minneapolis.